Society of the Vav

Be a Vavnik, harnessing your transformational power of connection, creating change for the good of all

The Society Of The Vav

We are a virtual community dedicated to the practice of living a mindful, kind, strong and loving life honoring interconnectedness. We are saying “Yes, and…” to what ever comes into our life.

“Yes, and… I would like to do that” and
“Yes, and… I need time for me right now and I appreciate the invite. And
“Yes, and…I am hearing your frustration and I am thinking I want to know more.” And noticing when ‘but’ reflects our stuck-ness, indecision or dependence on past for truth when the desire is for change.

The Vav, that rhymes with love and translates as AND when placed in front of Hebrew words, begins the sixth word of the Hebrew bible and connects heaven and earth. The rabbi mystics of my tradition interpret that to mean the Vav connects reality with what cannot be seen and yet we know exists. And by consciously knowing that we can move from the reality of a problem and walk into the unknown with the word AND we can dream, imagine and conjure up thoughts that will be interconnected and powerful and healing.