Society of the Vav

Be a Vavnik, harnessing your transformational power of connection, creating change for the good of all


TZiPi is the consummate professional and possesses an uncanny ability to integrate mindfulness into an executive’s ongoing journey toward excellence.  TZiPi’s dedication and commitment to coaching is only outweighed by her personal integrity and desire to understand her clients.  She is truly AMAZING and inspires people to walk in purpose.

– Gyasi C. Chisley, Senior Vice President, CEO, Methodist North Hospital

TZiPi helped me reconnect with my creative voice and encouraged me to look at my environment through a new lens.

– Lexanne Horton, Controller, E. Ritter & Company

Rabbi TZiPi understands the interconnectedness of executives and leaders to help them overcome their differences and achieve their common lofty goals.

– Alexis Nguyen, MBA, CEO, Assisting Hands Gulf Coast


My time with TZiPi over the years has been invaluable to my growth and awareness as a leader. My attention to the now, the present moment, and the joy of living there has translated in every interaction.

– Devin Dyar, Program Manager, SRAM

TZiPi worked to create and facilitate a very unique bar mitzvah ceremony, while maintaining tradition. She is a caring and gracious leader with a great level of listening and empathy. I’d recommend her to anyone who desires to create an energetically spiritual and heart-felt ceremony.

-Sarah Mastriani-Levi, Holistic Health Coach & Personal Chef, Mannafest Living

TZiPi has been my leadership coach for over two years. She has taught me how to best leverage my strengths so I can feel fulfilled in my work and challenged me to see and let go of things outside my control. TZiPi is truly an inspiration; she lives the philosophy of ‘Mindfulness and And’ that she encourages from others.

-Shari Hausbeck, PMP, Technical Communications Manager, SRAM


Our work together unveiled and deepened so many areas; not only in my work, also my entire life. It’s a divine friendship and lifelong blessing.
– Annee Williams, Director-Supply Chain, S.C. Johnson

TZiPi’s wisdom comes from a deep place of passion and compassion. Her gentle, authentic touch reaches me at my core in ways that resonate with meaning for a long time.

-Karen Oshry, President, Power+Systems, Inc.

YOU, TZiPi are a connection to my soul and the Creator of the Vavniks! You bless all you touch with love.

-Len Leeb, LMHC


Rebbe’s Garden
What beautiful flowers you’ve grown this day –
How did you manage to make it this way?

I didn’t do much says the modest one
Just patience, a good heart, and love and sun.

The seeds I had — ah, each had such worth –
I believed they could flourish in any turf.

Oh we faced dark and rain and wind and storm
And in the core of each seed, their strength was born.

I helped, I sowed, then they took root.
They learned, they grew and now bear fruit.

New seeds will come forth from this beautiful place
And the garden will grow to a much larger space.

That’s all good Gardeners do.

-Victoria Guthrie, BCC, principal, Victoria A. Vicere Guthrie & Associates, LLC

TZiPi has been an inspiration as a coach and friend since the first day of meeting her at a Coaching course. I knew almost immediately that I would ask her to be my professional coach after the training. TZiPi has taught me to be a better coach AND her “de-butting” of my vocabulary (and anyone’s that she meets) causes me to frequently catch myself when I may think “but” and then I quickly turn it into an “AND.” I’m happy to be a member of the Society of the Vav and to know TZiPi. I feel blessed to call her my coach and friend.

-Darlene Pearson, Director, P&IT Office, Group Truck Sales, North America

I spent two wonderful years working with TZiPi. She helped me propel my career, motivate me and make be a not just a better manager, but a better person. It has been almost 3 years since I’ve worked with TZiPi and I still think about her regularly and the insight she gave me during our time together. I highly recommend working with TZiPi as your coach. She has been a tremendous mentor and friend.

– Brian Denisar, Senior Vice President, HITT

Thanks so much for allowing me to join such an auspicious society. Shabbat Shalom.

– Mitchell Wohlberg, Beth Tfiloh Congregation

Coaching leaders is an art and TZiPi Radonsky is a master artist. She is exquisitely skillful in helping you to be open to the universe of possibilities, to respond to challenges with understanding and compassion, and to be present for the fullness of your life. I continue to be grateful for the lessons I learned in TZiPi’s tough and tender hands.

– Diana J. Mason, PhD, RN, FAAN, Co-Director, Center for Health, Media & Policy, Hunter College

I am reading your phenomenal musings. How magnificent AND!

Yes, I too am a fan of AND which is my way of continually seeking to allow the Universal Wisdom to transform what I see AND be…
Your words are truly profound and definitely the tune my heart and spirit sings.

I am thankful for your glowing embodiment of the guiding light awakened in you AND your book. I just flipped to the back of the book and saw the Honorary Membership in the AGUDAT HAVAV The Society of the Vav.

Vav-nik … LOVE

– Mary Esther Johnson