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Meditation Monday July 11th, 2016

This last week has been difficult not for just for me, for the and the world…as we got woken up from our sleep walking state of accepting what is and ignoring it as this is too big, not my problem….


When I awoke on Friday morning and read the headlines; I was nauseous and could only let my friends of color know that I was breathing with them, they were not alone, I was noticing the pain of the world that was affecting them.


In living out my intention that we are inter-connected and if you hurt I hurt and if you are happy I am happy


Of course all lives matter and in this moment  we are focusing on what we have been looking the other way about,,, Black lives mattered, like in When the Orlando massacre happened our focused attention was on lesbian gay bisexual transgender people mattered


I was suffering and in Buddhist practice when you notice you are suffering that is a wake up to responding with kindness and acceptance of what is. Breathing in the pain and breathing out into the tight space and creating spaciousness to live with that suffering for whatever reason that is.


On my first ten day retreat we were instructed to go through the alphabet of all the diseases we could remember and say:


May I have compassion and loving-kindness for all those with Alzheimers as I notice and then let go of my anger, fear, worry, doubt, and ignorance. May they preserve my well-being.

May they have the patience, courage, determination, faith and wisdom to face the problems and challenges that come my way; may I have peace-of-mind.



Pema’s tonglen practice explanation



Pause your life, Sit still and focus your attention on your body breathing all by itself and say to your Self:

breathing in chaos and breathing out peace,
breathing in sadness and breathing out happiness,
breathing in hate and breathing out LOVE,
Breathing in coldness and breathing out compassion,
breathing in wickedness and breathing out righteousness.
breathing in blame and breathing out forgiveness.
breathing in sorrow and breathing out joy

Let us focus our energies for good believing we can make a difference together