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Meditation 06/20/2016

Meditation 06/20/2016


Good evening and welcome to the evening of amazing events the summer solstice

Moon rising and sun setting simultaneously

breath deeply with our celestial bodies as they are doing their thing as we do ours


I am aware that I have been more tired, less patient, less driven to do EVERYTHING

And find that, that place where I am is under great scrutiny from me

I am not the same

Things are changing

And this is unsettling to me

There is great judgment in this place

There has to be something wrong and the mind I live with,

having nothing else to do

Begins to wonder WHY, and why and why

Not being satisfied with ‘it is what it is & work with it’

I have been living a dream and now I have awoken to another dream that I do not like

I think of myself as a generous person, and lately I judge myself as stingy

I think of myself as a kind person and have limited my caring

I think of myself as easily in the moment, energy to burn, multi projects

And now I am taking multiple naps letting much go by me undone

And the mind I live with thinks there is something wrong with me

The mind I live with forgets my preference is a growth mindset of possibilities

not a fixed mindset

One that is either good or bad, right or wrong, all or nothing