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I am wanting to talk about Interconnectedness

I am wanting to talk about Interconnectedness tonight; it has Buddhist connections, Jewish connections and basically it relates morally to every faith and whether you are faithless or faith focused this is about how you live your life.
It is a topic that has been in the news, in writings, the Pope writes about it all the time.
I think it relates to compassion, that everything you do has an affect, quantum physics
Thirty six times in the Hebrew bible are the words; Love the stranger as your self as once you were strangers in a strange land.
Interconnected is part of the terminology of a worldview which sees a oneness in all things. A similar term, interdependence, is sometimes used instead, although there are slightly different connotations. Both terms tend to refer to the idea that all things are of a single underlying substance and reality, and that there is no true separation deeper than appearances. Some feel that ‘interconnectedness’ and similar terms are part of a contemporary ideas of mysticism, which is based on the same core idea of universal oneness.
In terms of religion, spirituality, personal world-views and paradigms, the theology of “god present within every human being,” a concept familiar to Quakers, might help to explain various life actions such as, the rejection of human slavery , as you cannot own something that belongs to God.
In Buddhism dependent origination, or dependent arising, states that all dharmas (“things”) arise in dependence upon other dharmas: “if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist.” And is the reason I love the phrases:

May all beings be free of suffering
May all being be happy
May all being be at peace.

As it links me to others

Personally I am an only child and I learned this oneness language and life revolves around me. And I have found that inclusion is like breath to me, a paradox of sort.

And then the mind that we live with thinks in separate-ness, not often enough in we. In Nepal I learned the underlying meaning of nemaste..they do not have language for thank you, as it would separate the act that just happened, they use nemaste to honor the interconnectedness of us all.

I was talking to some friends from Zimbabwe recently and there greeting is , if you are happy then I am happy and if you are not happy and then I am not happy,

In Asian countries the philosophy is that the enfant is born independent and must learn how to be interdependent to be cooperative and live within community.
Americans are I focused, independence is valued over interdependence in health and it trickles down to all areas of our life. It is not surprising we are attracted to Buddhism is to heal the wound, the illusion of separateness.

The ideas of Venn diagrams where we live separately and together fascinates me and brings me back to paradox finding a third way to live as two.

And there is systems theory where the idea of one thing happening affects everything else in the system. Andit takes a lot of practice, a lot of awareness to live ones life as if your life, your decisions, your sneezing on someone, or a bank going under or
The Hindu concept of Advaita refers to the idea that all of the universe is one essential reality, and that all facets and aspects of the universe is ultimately an expression or appearance of that one reality.[7]
Intertwingularity is a term coined by Ted Nelson to express the complexity of interrelations in human knowledge. “EVERYTHING IS DEEPLY INTERTWINGLED. In an important sense there are no “subjects” at all; there is only all knowledge, since the cross-connections among the myriad topics of this world simply cannot be divided up neatly.”
Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged—people keep pretending they can make things hierarchical, categorizable and sequential when they can’t.”[2]

Ethical dualism, which we find in the Hebrew Bible , Old Testament, supports the idea of ideas as good and bad, which are concepts that the mind sees as separate and distinct.
And if we see things as connected or interconnected and then you are never alone, always connected even after someone has left the physical plane and died the memory of that person stays with you
These are mystical interpretations and why do we think mysticism is not as kosher and intellectual beliefs are, what happened to feeling the listening to the body.
Everything changes, nothing stays the same even if we think that is true, and I am opening the mind to the possibilities of eternal, not absolute
thoughts move from here to there and maybe will come back, maybe will not and all I can do is breath, smile, stay true to my values,…oops that means taking time to notice what my values are.