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Guest Consciousness

Guest Consciousness

“Door B” or “Center Ring” consciousness: An awareness and an intention evolved from one’s core beliefs that honors the gift of freedom given at birth to be one’s Self, to know unconditional love and to honor the interconnected life of your soul. You are never alone, everything you do affects someone or something so ‘do no harm’.

Guest, visitor, recipient of hospitality, somebody entertained at another’s expense, customer, somebody asked to join others, somebody making special appearance, animal using another’s nest
The word guest can be used as a noun, verb or adjective
‘Be my guest’ used to tell people that they are welcome to do as they please

Consciousness, awareness, notice, realization, perception, awareness of surroundings, somebody’s mind, shared feelings and beliefs, awareness of particular issue, same as conscious

Oshry, Barry, From There is No New Scientific Paradigm…Yet: Toward a most practical science of social systems life. Boston, MA: Power & Systems, 2000.

Human systems are patterns of relationship and patterns of process that exist at all levels of systems.

p. 9: Consciousness—that is how system members experience themselves, others, their system, and other systems- is shaped by the structure and processes of their system

My journey recognizes another pattern of relationships, the guest, the other, that exists at all levels in all systems
I moved consciously from system blindness to system seeing to awakening to the awareness that I am a guest in whatever place I am. I am a boundary crosser, an Evrite, a Hebrew, moving into another’s space.

My awareness from I do not matter in the world, so I will just take off, travel the world and in this transitional space I became aware that I do matter, I am connected to people who do care about me, hearts are opening to me, welcoming me into their system and I am an intruder, crossing boundaries, and I must honor that hospitality and space with gratitude, compassion and loving kindness for the giver and myself the recipient of their hospitality.

Native American culture, plan for fifth generation
Indigenous cultures live in the present and future, paradoxically

I was committing suicide to the part of me that did not serve me any more, moving into a role that helped me learn about love and compassion through my Buddhist practice. Allowing the fear and anger to soften as I landed in Israel and became aware of my loneliness for my people.

And I made room for Judaism in my life. I came back to truth, my mother tongue is Hebrew Wisdom and truth.
I am a guest of the world, looking at concentric circles, family first, where ever I live and faith is also in the core circle.