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What do you do when your kids hurt

What do you do when your kids hurt

Drop everything

Make chicken soup

cry with her

make her go to bed and rest

yes and go about your own work

she is 53 and knows what she needs

and she is scared

worried about her family


Helen reminded me today that nothing is static

As she watches her husband’s health tumble down hill

Memory, heart, blood, cancerous sores

What she wonders silently is next

And then there is Puccini

And her voice that is becoming stronger and she is so proud of that

I will make a Seder and it will be for Larry today as that is really all we have

She spoke to her sons when they said not, yeah but it would be too much trouble for her

And she said I am doing it and if you want to come that is fine

Holidays how they challenge us to do it right do it for you, do it for them

Just do it because your heart screams this is what I want …no buts about it


Dr Patricia Thompson reminds me that on this mission to debut the world I am planting seeds of hope

I am weeding out the yeah buts and planting seeds of hope in their place

I love that idea

What am I doing, not what am I not doing and how am I following my teaching walking my talk

I am running up and down the stairs again for the second time, maybe I can make four times without stopping.