Society of the Vav

Be a Vavnik, harnessing your transformational power of connection, creating change for the good of all

Are you my BUT or my AND Partner?

I love you BUT…


BUT negates anything that came before it

So … maybe you do not love me ….

Or want to honor what I just said

Or validate me

Or just be creative.….


Yes, and …BUT stops our thinking

Is scared

keeps you …us trapped in the past


stuck like concrete in the moment


Yes, and … BUT is judgmental not curious…

like you, a life long learner


AND connects,

is a pause

allows the next thought to move forward, flowing, connecting

interconnecting …reflecting reality

as separation is an illusion BUT fosters


AND builds on the previous moment, idea, story

building a bridge…believing in your brilliance and wisdom

by constructing and improvising as you walk across into the



AND supports imagination

possibilities, reveals potential, a promise to one Self


Who are we to each other

as we move forward

influencing and changing our world?


Do our words reflect our values?


Are you my BUT or my AND Partner?

Are you my BUT or my AND Partner