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The Kabbalah

All faith traditions have mystical, non-linear teachings.  The Kabbalah, a Hebrew word whose root KBL means to receive, is a collection of writings and teachings that explore the mystical meanings of the Hebrew Bible, letters, numbers and the spaces between the words in the Torah.  There are many books, starting in the first century with the Book of Creation, and including the many translations of the Zohar, the mystical interpretations of the Torah and Hebrew Bible texts.

The rabbi mystics would sit in silence, pray, listen and learn from the spiritual dimension and then teach from what they learned. Their intention was to know the many faces of G!D while clinging to the idea of various names for the divine, such as: Breath of All Life, Holy One of Blessings, One Without End, Shekhinah-the G!D with-in and Adonai, the transcendent G!D. The Hebrew name for G!D reflects a dynamic nature and is traditionally not pronounced as that would make G!D static. The Hebrew root of the name that refers to G!D is the verb to be. Sometimes when reading the Torah or saying prayers when I  come upon the four letters of the Hebrew god, I will breath out out loud, YAAHHH, the sound of the breath, as I am being.

Rabbi Phyllis Berman taught me about writing the word god like G!D. Then the word G!D is not a word and cannot define what this entity is and yet has some excitement and mystery to it.  I like exploring the unknown and keep learning. The Hebrew Bible states ‘Choose Life’.  And I say “why not?”.  In the teachings of 15th century Rabbi Isaac Luria, each soul finds their own interpretation in the Torah. This is considered the ‘oral Torah’ and for me this means I must prepare myself by cleansing my vessel so I am open to receiving the wisdom to transmit to others. I am watering my tree outside the traditional fence of the written Torah. This is how I do my part in keeping Judaism alive and thriving.