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Making a Friend of Time

Making a Friend of Time No place to go No where to be Just Here That’s where miracles happen Watch & see Now just take a Deep breath of resignation to the One Why deny your connection   Do not miss the beauty of the moment

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Little bits of information

Before they were Jews, there were Hebrews and twelve male siblings and twelve tribes.  The word Jew comes from the tribe Judah the fourth son of Jacob and Leah.  When he was born, Leah was so grateful she named him Jacob, the one she was grateful for. Evrit is the Hebrew word for Hebrews. The […]

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Guest Consciousness: Welcoming the Stranger

Guest Consciousness: Welcoming the Stranger   The wandering Jew   There will always be an other an Akhere, an other Let the honor of your friend be as dear to you as your personal honor Pirke Avot: Rabbi Yossi said: Let your fellow’s property be as dear to you as your own,   Honor the […]

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In the Process of becoming

This morning I received this email message: “Yesterday I found a huge help from the tool ‘is this thought useful to me right now?’”  The answer was clear: No! and I felt a huge relief. And I was able to smile and let it go with the grace of One, thankful Vavnik.” We often think […]

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Mystical Hebrew Wisdom

All faith traditions have mystical, non-linear teachings. The Kabbalah, a Hebrew word whose root KBL means to receive, is a collection of writings and teachings that explore the mystical meanings of the Hebrew Bible, letters, numbers and the spaces between the words in the Torah. There are many books, starting in the first century with […]

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What do you do when your kids hurt

What do you do when your kids hurt Drop everything Make chicken soup cry with her make her go to bed and rest yes and go about your own work she is 53 and knows what she needs and she is scared worried about her family   Helen reminded me today that nothing is static […]

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If nothing is static

If nothing is static And we can never stop anything We can only pause it Then that is why but is such a user friendly word It gets us to be still for a moment It gets us to Be comfortable with yesterday Which we paid very little attention to then And yet it is […]

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