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Meditation 06/20/2016

Meditation 06/20/2016   Good evening and welcome to the evening of amazing events the summer solstice Moon rising and sun setting simultaneously breath deeply with our celestial bodies as they are doing their thing as we do ours   I am aware that I have been more tired, less patient, less driven to do EVERYTHING […]

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What do you do when your kids hurt

What do you do when your kids hurt Drop everything Make chicken soup cry with her make her go to bed and rest yes and go about your own work she is 53 and knows what she needs and she is scared worried about her family   Helen reminded me today that nothing is static […]

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If nothing is static

If nothing is static And we can never stop anything We can only pause it Then that is why but is such a user friendly word It gets us to be still for a moment It gets us to Be comfortable with yesterday Which we paid very little attention to then And yet it is […]

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