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Sangha July 9th 2018

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo: Bringing Six Perfections into Daily Life Western yogini trained in the east.  Parameta six perfect actions British woman who became ordained as a nun at 21 She lived twelve years in a cave of which the last three years were in silent meditation with a commitment to attain enlightenment in the female […]

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Meditation June 11th Spiritual Disrupter

Disciples of Experience, Incurable Deviants, Spiritual Disruptors & Revolutionaries From the mud of the pain & suffering comes the wisdom of the lotus. The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pudecherry, India             As many who know me are aware that I am on a mission to ‘de-but’ the world to chose AND over but.  Someone who […]

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Monday evening meditation May 28th, 2018

The wisdom of Baba Versa Singh, Gobind Sadan Sikh Ashram, Delhi, India “When a river overflows its banks it does great damage to the surrounding areas. And when a person’s mind is not controlled, she/he can destroy entire countries.”             It takes great courage to sit in silence with your self and direct the mind […]

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Ten Days of Awe

On a ten day silent Buddhist retreat in 1996, on an island in the Sea of Thailand, I began learning a Buddhist meditation practice. By honoring a yearning for silence and solitude I have been able to be aware of when my Jewish heart needed uncovering. This awareness has been saving my life by offering […]

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Are you my BUT or my AND Partner?

I love you BUT…   BUT negates anything that came before it So … maybe you do not love me …. Or want to honor what I just said Or validate me Or just be creative.….   Yes, and …BUT stops our thinking Is scared keeps you …us trapped in the past and stuck like […]

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The Vav, Vavnik and Lamed Vavniks

What is a Vav? Vibration, energy, power, force, strength, ability, intelligence, skill, expertise. There are many languages in the world and each have their own alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet there are 22 letters. The sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is the “Vav” and it plays a very unique ability, it is an expert […]

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The Kabbalah

All faith traditions have mystical, non-linear teachings.  The Kabbalah, a Hebrew word whose root KBL means to receive, is a collection of writings and teachings that explore the mystical meanings of the Hebrew Bible, letters, numbers and the spaces between the words in the Torah.  There are many books, starting in the first century with […]

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