Society of the Vav

Be a Vavnik, harnessing your transformational power of connection, creating change for the good of all


Reb TZiPi has published non-fiction books, leadership training manuals and curricula, a children’s book, blogs, newsletters, and professional articles in a variety of occupational therapy journals as well as in the Journal of Homosexuality.

  • Radonsky, T. (2015). Coaching leadership development for the governments of Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaica: MIND: Management Institute for National Development.
  • Radonsky, T. (2013). AND: Building a world of connection through Jewish mystical wisdom. New York: Arthur Kurzweil.
  • Radonsky, T. (2000). Are you a spiritual pilgrim? A journal workbook. Self published.
  • Radonsky, T. (1998). The spiritual pilgrim discovers home: Developing a sense of guest consciousness. Self published.

In 1997, Reb TZiPi was the subject of an essay called “Reb TZiPi and the Promised Land” in the book Everyday Miracles in the House of God: Stories from Gobin Sadan Ashram in India by Mary Pat Fischer.

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