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Be a Vavnik, harnessing your transformational power of connection, creating change for the good of all

About TZiPi the Vavnik rebbe

About Reb TZiPi Radonsky

Founder of the Society of the Vav

Successful entrepreneur & Rabbi
Interfaith teacher & leadership mentor coach

TZiPi weaves her unique perspective as an executive coach, rabbi, and interfaith-interreligious leader into transformational leadership training. The Society of the Vav has influenced leaders to incorporate “Yes, and” thinking into their tool kit for success.

Currently, TZiPi is an adjunct executive coach for The Center for Creative Leadership and a certified trainer for the Power & Systems’ Organization Workshop. For over 25 years, her work as a consultant has spanned four continents. TZiPi has worked with senior executives from a wide variety of industries, public and private, to enhance and expand client leadership skills, helping them grow into larger and more complex regional and global roles.

She has also fostered the idea of partnership and change to enhance team effectiveness by co-creating Creative Leadership Conversations, a coach approach model to learning the basics of coaching for the Leading Beyond Boundaries program at The Center for Creative Leadership. She is editor of Yes, And, a quarterly newsletter focused on various perspectives of leadership needs.

Since she was ordained as a rabbi in 2005, TZiPi has shared Hebrew wisdom globally through teaching mystical Jewish traditions within meditation practice. She also integrates mystical Hebrew wisdom in her rabbinic and leadership events with interfaith and inter-religious communities and life cycle moments.

Today TZiPi infuses The Society of the Vav into all her leadership development work. TZiPi’s mission to “de-but” the world led to her write the book, AND: Building a World of Connection through Jewish Mystical Wisdom as well as a children’s book, The Menders of Torn Places, a story about the interconnectedness of life.

Reb TZiPi has a both Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science in occupational therapy and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. Born in Boston, TZiPi now lives in Beaufort, SC, embracing the tidal community and island life style.

On a personal note:

TZiPi walks her talk. After a year-long solo pilgrimage around the globe, she returned with a passionate belief in living one’s dreams. In response, Reb TZiPi changed the focus of her work from just listening as a counselor to coaching and moving people beyond their ‘Yeah, but’ thinking. Her memoir, The Spiritual Pilgrim Discovers Home: Living Guest Consciousness, reflects that journey.

TZiPi has walked a marathon and enjoys kayaking in the river right off her dock. She rows with the Beaufort Rowing Club. She is a member of a local Buddhist sangha and an interfaith community where she teaches mystical Hebrew wisdom. TZiPi is a mother, grandmother, and supporter of her family’s Community Sponsored Agriculture farm.

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